Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Siggraph 2013 Recap - Powered By BOXX

Throughout SIGGRAPH 2013, exhibitors like Intel, PNY, Trinity Animation, chaos Group, SideFX, and Imagination Technologies relied on BOXX solutions for their demonstrations. Meanwhile, inside the BOXX booth, guest demo experts from Autodesk, Chaos Group, and Luxion showcased their 2014 software features on the fastest workstations and dedicated rendering systems in the world.

If you couldn't attend the show, here’s a unique opportunity to see the latest applications powered by incredible performance of 3DBOXX and renderPRO.

3DS Max 2014 on 3DBOXX 8980 XTREME & renderPRO
Autodesk M&E Senior Technical  Specialist Gary M. Davis demonstrates CPU and GPU-based mental ray rendering in 3ds Max 2014. With the 8980XT, he reveals 3ds Max 2014 features that enable you to take advantage of GPUs for certain render elements and with renderPRO, demonstrates how desk side rendering frees your workstation, saving valuable time.

Konstantin Gaytandzhiev demonstrates V-Ray 3.0

V-Ray RT 
3.0 in the Maya viewport
This demo was hosted by Chaos Group’s V-Ray Master Trainer Konstantin Gaytandzhiev demonstrates the impressive features found in the highly anticipated release of V-Ray 3.0 and how it integrates into the Maya viewport. The demo took advantage of our 3DBOXX 8950 with up to 5 GPUs allowing you to easily manipulate meshes, lights, and shaders with real-time feedback directly in the viewport.

Real-time network CPU rendering w/ KeyShot

This demo was hosted by Luxion art director Shaun Redsar demonstrates this fast and powerful CPU-based renderer running on the 8980XT with an assist from two renderPRO nodes for a total of 96 processing cores!

Craig Barr demonstrates Maya and Mudbox

Maya and Mudbox workflow on a 3DBOXX 8980 XTREME

Sculpting & Painting w/ Mudbox & Maya 2014 with Autodesk Tech Marketing Specialist Craig Barr demonstrates how to use vector displacement maps out of Mudbox to drive hardware tessellation in the Maya viewport using DirectX 11 shaders.

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. . . and be sure to check out two other stars from SIGGRAPH 2013—the incredibly powerful and highly affordable new 3DBOXX 4150 XTREME , and the world’s most powerful single processor workstation, 3DBOXX4920 XTREME.

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