Wednesday, December 18, 2013

GoBOXX 2725 released - 12 Xeon Cores In One Laptop

With 12 cores (24 threads) the GoBOXX 2725 is perfect for rendering, design visualization and simulation
The latest high-end workstation from BOXX was released this week. Only this workstation isn't a "workstation" per se, it's a laptop a that features a true workstation Xeon processor with up to twelve cores. The new GoBOXX 2725 is equipped to tackle the most demanding professional applications in your office, or anywhere one the road.

The GoBOXX 2725 equipped with:
- True workstation Xeon™ processor with up to twelve cores
- NVIDIA Quadro K5100M (8GB)
- Up to 32GB of 1600 MHz memory
- Three USB 3.0 ports
- 17.3” Full HD (1920x1080)
- Two 2.5 SATA Hard Drives
- Dual Band Wireless AC/A/b/g/N

Professional graphics on the go
Mobile version or not, the NVIDIA®  Quadro® K5100M mobile graphics card is a beast. With 1536 CUDA cores and 8GB of memory, the GoBOXX 2725 can tackle many GPU intense tasks like rendering, simulation and other HPC applications.

Quadro K5100M with 1536 CUDA cores and 8GB of memory

If your workflow requires a true mobile workstation, the GoBOXX 2725 is the ultimate solution. With a wide variety of configuration options we can dial in the perfect specs for your specific needs.

Too much horsepower to take on the road?BOXX has a variety of mobile solutions to meet your specific needs and budget. Take a look at the offerings and models below more more details.

GoBOXX 1820
GoBOXX 1920
GoBOXX 1960

Feel free to get in touch with us below for assistance on building the ultimate mobile workstation.

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