Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Don't Be A Bottleneck Villain

BOXX exists to serve very specific markets just like yours. Over the past 15 years, we have become experts in addressing the pain points of our customers. Complicated workflows are the norm when it comes to digital content creation, architectural design, engineering, simulation, and product visualization. A "one size fits all" approach to IT, and particularly the hardware chosen to run these applications, will more than likely lead to lost productivity and ultimately, a negative impact on your bottom line.

Though we often have many advocates at the user level (engineers, artists, animators, etc.), we sometimes hit a roadblock at the corporate IT level. It's not uncommon for us to hear "We're a DELL shop" or “We use HP,” and the conversation ends there.

Understanding the distinction between what we sell vs. what they sell
It's no secret that the makers of mass produced computers offer very competitively priced PCs adept at supporting a number of general office/managerial applications.  BOXX doesn't sell PCs. We only produce high performance, professional grade, workstations (desktop, mobile, remote access), as well as dedicated rendering systems. These custom designed solutions are built to accelerate workflows and boost productivity.  

Consider this...
It makes no sense to invest in a high-performance workstation for an employee whose primary job function is answering emails, creating spreadsheets, and working in other "light" office applications. 

Likewise, it doesn't make sense to invest in an underperforming PC for someone whose primary job function involves professional applications like modeling, animation, rendering and simulation.

Time Is Money
In a CAD environment for example, a 3DBOXX XTREME workstation will significantly outperform any of our competitors.

By working with our partners at Intel, we are able to safely overclock and deploy thousands of workstations which are over 20% faster than the rest of the industry.

If you are paying a design engineer a six figure salary, imagine the ROI that could be realized when your engineer shifts from waiting to creating. If you apply this concept to your entire design staff, the savings would add up quickly.

You need to protect your investments, whether in the form of expensive software licenses, manpower, or computer hardware. You also need to maximize ROI on these investments. From a productivity standpoint, a BOXX workstation is often the most logical choice for many applications and workflow.

 Engineered to Perform
All aspects of BOXX products are designed for peak performance—including our state-of-the-art chassis. Undoubtedly, many of our customers aren't aware that we design and manufacture our own chassis right here in Austin, Texas.

Designing our own chassis allows us to optimize the system architecture around workstation components. This lets us add more slots to accommodate large, complex, add-in card configurations. Our custom-engineered chassis also lets us maximize cooling capability and efficiency, enabling high CPU clock speeds while maintaining ultra quiet systems.

We can also maximize component density and achieve small volume systems with high performance and capability, as found in our 4100 series workstations.

Examples of our unique designs include:

A 3DBOXX workstation chassis being refined in SolidWorks
Why BOXX is an IT Ally

Deployment Services
 BOXX provides imaging services to allow custom deployments for IT departments. We will work with a customer’s IT department to create, manage, and deploy operating systems per their requirements.

You can create the image for the particular workstation, send it to BOXX, and we will image any outgoing equipment per your specifications. From there, all you will need to do is plug it in and join it to your network.

As a BOXX customer, you may send us updates to your corporate image any time so that the systems you buy are always up to date and ready for deployment. This is available for all product lines.

 Like many technology companies, BOXX offers a wide variety of warranty options like 24/7 support, onsite repair, and advance part replacement ranging from one to three years. BOXX does honor its warranty even if the customer adds additional components to the system—although those non-BOXX products are not covered.

BOXX has exclusive access to vendors who can supply you with exact replacement parts (no new driver/image headaches) and if requested by a customer (for an additional fee), we offer four to five years of warranty.

A distinct advantage of BOXX is the support that we offer to customers. Our support center is entirely based at our headquarters in Austin, Texas and staffed with seasoned professionals who are experts in solving hardware problems that can arise in an engineering or digital content creation workflow.

Since your workflow is unique, and so may be your particular issue, we avoid a scripted approach to solving your problem. When you call BOXX support you will more likely be asked relevant questions such as "What software are you using?" rather than condescending inquiries like "Is your system plugged in?"

Bottom Line
BOXX strives to make life easier for IT departments, CAD\BIM managers, and (of course) the end user by providing a product that outperforms the competition, backed by a support team that is second to none. 

Our mission is to engineer systems that allow our customers to extract every ounce of productivity from the hardware, which can lead to significant ROI over the life cycle of your machine.

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